Building a Home Recording Studio – Room

The Guest Room

My guest room looks like any other more or less. A bed, shelf, books, folders, dumbells and all that stuff you usually keep there. A messy place where you move stuff from one side to the other to find the piece you want.

One decision to make was obvious. The bed had to go. Counting the few times that someone actually stays over and the fact that such an event can also be handled by in inflatable matress made that easy.

Just getting rid of the bed and some other less important things freed enough room already. A little re-arranging of the rest supported my idea of the home recording studio concept perfectly.

Wired Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity for your audio workstation is not a must for recording but so i mportant for communicating with the outside world like uploading songs or downloading and registering software.

Using your W-LAN for that connectivity is not a good option though. Professional audio recording workstations don't even come with wireless cards for a reason. Any radio wave devices in the workstation or around it can intefere with your recording quality.

Wired connectivity via Ethernet is the best choice. Luckily, my router resides in the adjacent room. I drilled a whole through the wall close to the bottom where it does not catch the eye. I used a 16 mm drill so I could can push a regular ethernet cable plug through the whole. I wrapped a bit of tape around it before pushing it through. That makes it easy to pull it back in case you need to.

Another connectivity option I thought about was a power LAN connection. I do have my reservations about it in regards to other possible interferences in power lines but I cannot speak out of experience. Drilling the whole into the wall for an Ethernet cable was easier and quicker in my case. If that hadn't been possible I would I have gone for power LAN.