Ibanez M330

I got the Ibanez M330 in 1985.

The serial number, 82010964 H, does not follow the exact pattern known for Ibanez guitars from that era but it indicates that it was built in 1982.

It has a beautiful full maple body, front, sides and back. It is robust, plays great and went through a lot. I had the neck and frets maintained in 2006 and 2012. It is still one of my favorite all-purpose accoustic guitar.


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  1. Tarik says:

    Hello, I have the same guitar. serial number 82022280H what do you think is the price of this guitar if I want to sell it now? My guitar is in good condition, I’ve bought it from Germany-Berlin since 1995. I will be happy if you give me information. Thank you

    • George says:

      Hi Tarik,
      about four years ago I had the guitar at a dealer (before I had the unlucky accident with it) and he estimated a value of 1200 EUR then.
      Go see a dealer and get an estimate for yours.
      Best regards,

  2. Mark says:

    I own the same guitar, SN: 82110985 H. I bought it in 1986 and still love it. I used it on stage and build a piezo pickup under the bridge. A great sounding guitar.

    In Holland the price (new) was 600 Euro in 1982, that would be 1250 Euro in 2020. I’ve seen these guitars for sale for 400 Euro’s lately.

    The SN as I have found out after searching, alltough Ibanez was not very consistant in serial numbering :
    82 stands for year of production
    11 stands for month production
    0985 is the unit number of that month produced
    H is manufacturer. H= Terada Musical Instrument Co. Ltd.
    That is actually odd, since most (99%) of Ibanez acoustic guitars were build by FujiGen Gakki prior to 1986.

    Before 1986 some guitars have SN in witch the letter stands for the month of production, so “H” could be August, but then again my guitar would be the 110985 th. produced guitar in 1982 and that can’t be correct, or is it?

    check this page:

    • George says:

      Hi Mark,
      thanks for breaking up the serial number. Not sure about the H. Maybe Terada is the official manuafcturer using FujiGen as a sub-provider.
      Best regards,

  3. Mark says:

    I found something new on the internet, that could explain the “H” in the serial number.
    Ibanez is actually owned by a company called Hoshino Gakki and apparently they outsourced guitar manufacturing to Fuji, since early “70’s.

    See history in this link:


  4. Karl says:

    I purchased my in 1982. Ibanez discontinued them after 1983. I got a good deal on it, but at the time i was a 17 year old know nothing kid. It is definitely voiced different that my spruce topped acoustic but different in a good way. It’s been all over the world with me and after 42 years, it’s a keeper…lol.
    I’ve used it live and recorded with it. It’s been recorded with a mic and I have an old Dean Markley Pro-Mag i got in 1983 for the live work I’ve done with the guitar. I’m considering having a K&K pure mini installed but I don’t mind the magnetic, still sounds unique.

    • George says:

      Hi Karl,
      thanks for your comment. This is one of those guitars that gain value over the years. Especially, when you own it for so long and have so fond memories and musical moments with it.
      Best regards,

      • Karl says:

        Definitely! This guitar will passed onto my kids. I still like playing it. I am having the K&K pickup installed this month. It’s got such a unique voice. Even though maple tops never really took off in acoustics.

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