Nothing comes from nothing. The things you know, the things you can do, the things you experienced – most of it derives from other people teaching or guiding you, starting with your parents providing you with the capababilities to take the opportunites you took in your life.

Thinking about those people in my life, there is no way to name all of them here. Allow me to mention those that are related to my musical activities.

Mom and Dad

Very musical people, and music was all around at home. Listening, singing, playing. They supported me in all musical endeavors and made it through my probably aweful excercises as a beginner on my instruments.

Heribert Koch

We met in a holiday camp as kids. We were both beginners on the guitar but had the same enthusiasm and vibes. A great friendship began. Unfortunately we never lived in the same town and had only little opportunity to play together. But when there was a chance we did.

Heribert has his own site. Check it out:

Christoph Maaßen

Christoph and I met as students at the University. When we figured that music was both of our forte another great friendship began. We played in a band together and learned a lot from each other. We both wanted to build our own custom Fender Strat and made it a joined project.

Christoph was involved in the recordings “8. December” and “The Plant“.

Iggo and Ursin Gunzelmann

I met the brothers when I moved to the Frankfurt area. Both were into music as I am and we hang out a lot together. Iggo was also interested in recording technology and he engineered my recordings from 1990. Still today I find the quality amazing.

My Woman

In my experience the woman of your heart, love and happiness are major factors in writing and playing songs. Technology and technique aside, music is an emotional thing after all and “her” inspiration a big motivator. I have that and I am very thankful for it. I dedicate this site to you, my love.