I am not a gaming enthusiast but I do enjoy computer games now and then.

Normally, I use computers for software development, web design, audio recording and such, so my hardware was always tailored towards those use cases.

Modern computer games though have very specific requirements for the hardware you play them on. Graphic performance is probably the most important of them but all other components, CPU, RAM, etc. must also play along and harmonize together.

The final factor that made me do this – and yes, you may call it “secondary” – is the amazing development of computer hardware and casing design that has evolved over the last years.

The black box from the past is not black anymore. It is transparent now, showing its guts. And how beautiful these guts can be today. RGB lighting makes them a real “Hingucker” (eye-catcher) so that the computer itself moved from under your desk to onto your desk because it is, oh, so amazing to look at.

I was sold…


Building a High-end Gaming PC

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