Boss GT-1

Boss GT-1The market for guitar effects is huge. The Boss GT-1 is a single-device guitar multieffect pedal. With modern electronics, multi-FX devices get better and better and continue replacing the one-device-per-effect equipment.

I have used both strategies and see advantages of separate devices in live perfomances since they offer easy and flexible on/off/level of each effect. Multi-FX devices require you to have all needed combinations programmed beforehand because a quick switch is only possible between those combinations.

But once you start programming your multi-FX device, anything that separate devices can do together is possible. I prefer that for studio work because you have the time to prepare and configure the best combination for your recording.

The Boss GT-1 for € 165 was the best cost-benefit balance I could find. I trusted in Boss as a manufacturer I know from other devices and was not disappointed ewven though it is not perfect.

What I like about it is it’s possibility to download sounds from other users. You can benefit from their ideas and taste which allows you to find great combinations you wouldn’t have thought of yourself. And of course you can upload your configurations as well.

Sharing sounds like that appealed to me. I searched for other devices with that capability and found the Line6 Firehwak FX. That one can do it even better and it will stay on my radar…


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