I am not a gaming enthusiast but I do enjoy computer games now and then (not sure if I should still believe that 🙂 ).

Strategy games always caught my attention and – even somewhat aged – the “Age of Empires” series is one of my favorites. I think the reason for that is, that it puts you close enough to the people you are dealing with while still embedding that in a resource based bigger picture.

The “Anno” series for example is focusing too much on the bigger picture. In Anno, you can’t build such a relation to the people in your villages and towns because you are too busy managing production and commercial aspects.

“Age of Empires 2” is my preferred release of the AOE series. Most of all, besides the many single- and multiplayer game maps, it provides a very powerful scenario editor allowing you to create your own individual maps to play.

I would like to share three maps with you that I created in AOE2.


How to install, play and edit custom AOE2 sceanrios Scenario: Black Forest Castle Scenario: Mongolia Map Scenario: Mongolia Map Town


Note: In desktop mode you will find the navigation on the left, in responsive mode it will be at the bottom.