AOE2 Scenario: Mongolia Map Town

This scenario is based on my Mongolia Map scenario. It is the same map but giving you a ready-built city with all buildings and fortifications.

The city is placed in a very convenient natural location in the map and all you need to defend it is already there. You have all the buildings, farming and resource areas, towers and walls.

You have a clear advantage here and it is very improbable that you will ever lose a game with this scenario. But that was not the point when I created it. Goal here was to create something esthetic and a scenario that takes away the fear of early invaders jeopardizing your civilization build up. Just enjoy the beauty of that.

You still have to produce your resources and advance through the ages to use your buildings capabilities. But it is a joy to do this without the threat of other opponents disturbing you.

You can also use this scenario to learn more about the AOE2 AI and how to oppose it best, e.g. how and with what units to best fight theirs.

Download Scenario File

Mongolia Map Town

(Unzip the the archive and copy the *.ao2scenario file to you custom scenario folder)