Firehawk FX

Firehawk FXWhen I heard about the Line6 Firehawk FX guitar processor and watched a few videos about it I was instantly hooked. Not so much because of the awesome tones it can produce, but because of its outstanding usability.

I used several effects processors in the past, the usual stomp Armada, complicated multieffect floor processors and recently the newer Boss GT-1 device. The GT-1 already allows to share sounds in the Cloud but the PC App and the programming at the device is not where it should be from a usability point of view.

The Firehawk did it. It is simply a joy to work with it, at the device directly or via a Blutooth connected tablet or phone. The concept of knobs and switches on the device takes a lot of complexity out of the game already, but once you start working with the app it is just a great user experience. Mount your tablet in a convenient height to the microphone or separate stand and all that bending over and going down on your knees is over.

The user interface of the App is intuitive, the possibilities endless and the available tones in the Cloud are amazing.

Here is a great video showing it all in a condensed but informative way:

The Firehawk FX is not only great for live performances, you can also connect it directly to your audio interface and even use it as an audio interface itself.

Considering its quality and features, the price of a little over 300 &eur; is a real treat. I just love the Firehawk. Good job, Line6!