Yamaha P-115B

A keyboard synthesizer like the Roland D20 that I have does its job as a midi input device or producing sound samples. But when it comes to get the playing a piano feeling, with 88 graded hammer standard weighted keys then you either need to get a stage piano to integrate into your recording equipment.

I got the Yamaha P115B in 2018. There were a few alternatives in the price range of € 600 but the Yamaha seemed to be one of the best judging by its reviews and it played and felt just right to me.

Compared to the contenders I liked Yamaha’s Grand Piano sound the best. That was important to me because I compose on it and I take it with me for smaller live sessions now and then. It comes with 13 more sounds and a 192 voices polyphopny.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was the pedal that comes with it. So I added an M-Audio SP-2 pedal to the order.


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