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Firehawk FX

When I heard about the Line6 Firehawk FX guitar processor and watched a few videos about it I was instantly hooked. Not so much because of the awesome tones it can produce, but because of its outstanding usability. I used several effects processors in the past, the usual stomp Armada, complicated multieffect floor processors and…

Rode NT1-A

I wanted a voice/accustic microphone for home recording purposes. After reviewing coutnless vidoes and articles about the choices, I decided to go for the Rode NT1-A. It came highly recommended in the range of 100 EUR. The microphone just arrived today and I didn’t have the opportunity to make practical experiences with it. I wll…

Boss GT-1

The market for guitar effects is huge. The Boss GT-1 is a single-device guitar multieffect pedal. With modern electronics, multi-FX devices get better and better and continue replacing the one-device-per-effect equipment. I have used both strategies and see advantages of separate devices in live perfomances since they offer easy and flexible on/off/level of each effect….

Boss VE-20

Boss VE-20

The Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer is a voice effect device. It is a valuable companion for live performances but can also do great as a home recording device. It offers the obvious but also extra effects for your voice. Compressor, Enhancer, Reverb and Echo, are of course in the list but also the Harmonizer, Looper…

Shure SM58

The Shure SM58 is a legendary microphone. I think one can say that. And Shure makes sure to feed that legend: SM58 50th Anniversary. I guess I am in good company considering all the big names mentioned there. The SM58 is a dynamic microphone and doesn’t need a battery. Thank God :-). Since 2012 when…

Yamaha P-115B

A keyboard synthesizer like the Roland D20 that I have does its job as a midi input device or producing sound samples. But when it comes to get the playing a piano feeling, with 88 graded hammer standard weighted keys then you either need to get a stage piano to integrate into your recording equipment….

Roland D20

The Roland D20 is considered a vintage synthesizer these days. And indeed, looking at the specs that is obviously so. I got it in 1988 when it appeared on the market. It has 32 voices polyphony (who would ever need more? 🙂 ), 8x multitimbral, 61 velocity aftertouch keys and a sequencer including the possibility…

Electrovoice BK-1

The Electro-Voice BK-1 is a condenser cardioid microphone. It came highly recommended back in the 80s when I got mine. It needs power to work well and has a 4.5 volt battery in its housing. This batteries were really expensive I remember. When it is low on juice the sound quality goes down hill. Some…