When I think of top quality handcrafted accoustic guitars, I think of great sound and beautiful design. I never considered the building process as such and how much expertise, love and detail must go into it.

An Amazing Video

Then, while killing time with browsing guitar stuff, I stumbled upon this video. It is an hour long and shows the complete process from picking the wood to the final product being put into the guitar case (and, Jeez, what a case that is!).

I was hooked to it right away and watched it right to the end.

No doubt, I am kind of proud of the German gold covered titanium alloy fretwire used. But again, that Coratian guitar case…


The vidoe was made by Michael Greenfield of Greenfield Guitars.

Greenfield Guitars

I never heard about Greenfield Guitars before I watched that video. I am not affiliated to them nor do I own one (I wish I would). I probably never will either because we are talking about $10000 – $15000 per piece here.

But watching that video kind of sat the relation right in my mind between price and what it takes to make such a unique piece of instrument. It gave me a different view on all the single pieces and production steps. In short, I learned a lot about details to check when buying my next handcrafted accoustic guitars.

Greenfield’s website is a treat as well. I checked it right after seeing the video. It is just beautiful and even more feeds my dream to own one of those one day. See yourself…