The Plant

The Plant

Music: George Lewe
Lyrics: George Lewe

Collection: Songs of 1989

Song Quote

My good friend Christoph liked this one a lot. He still claims today that it is one of my best compositions. He is a great pianist and suggested to record it together. So the cool keyboard parts (e.g. beginning and end) are his doing.George Lewe

Recording Details

Year: 1989
Studio: Home
Engineer: George Lewe
Recording device: Akai GX-4000D


Instrument / DevicesModelArtists
BassRoland D20George Lewe
Drums, RhythmRoland D20George Lewe
GuitarFender Stratocaster (custom build)George Lewe
Accoustic GuitarRoland D20George Lewe
Microphone, VoiceElectrovoice BK-1George Lewe
PianoRoland D20Christoph Maaßen
George Lewe
StringsRoland D20George Lewe


Did I tell you something about a gone true love of mine,
How we shared the bread and wine.
And I can’t deny that many layers of this love
Grow in my head and in my heart.

So I sing this song to the plant they do belong,
Uhh, I think she knows.
I think she knows.


Copyright (Urheberrecht) 1989 by George Lewe

Copyright Statement

George Lewe


The Plant
From album: Songs of 1989
Length: 00:00.00-12
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