8. December


8. December

Music: Christoph Maaßen

Collection: Songs of 1989

Song Quote

An instrumental. A good friend of mine wrote it. We played in a band together, both of us were Beatles fans. The 8th of December 1980, the day John Lennon was devastating, hit us both very hard. We came together, arranged and recorded the song together. We dedicated it to John.George Lewe

Recording Details

Year: 1989
Studio: Home
Engineer: George Lewe
Recording device: Akai GX-4000D


Instrument / DevicesModelArtists
BassRoland D20Christoph Maaßen
Drums, RhythmRoland D20Christoph Maaßen
GuitarFender Stratocaster (custom build)Christoph Maaßen
George Lewe
Microphone, Voice
PianoRoland D20Christoph Maaßen



Copyright (Urheberrecht) 1989 by Christoph Maaßen

Copyright Statement


8. December
From album: Songs of 1989
Length: 00:00.00-12
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