Building a Home Recording Studio – Chair

The Studio Chair

As mentioned in the previous post about the Zaor Miza 88X, the height of the keyboard level and the desktop level are not perfect for a regular fixed-height chair. Office chairs are usually adjustable in their height but they have other disadvantages. I wanted more from my studio chair.

Another factor that I, as a guitarist, find important for a chair are arm rests. Arm rests are extremely annoying when you play a guitar. If bar stools were height adjustable, they would be my preferred choice 🙂 . Most of them have foot rests too that help a lot to have a comfortable position to play a guitar.

I needed an extra chair for the studio and I had following requirements:

  • Height adjustable up to 80 cm
  • No arm rests
  • Foot rest
  • Inclinable sitting angle

Work FM Chair

The chair I found that fulfilled all of the above was about 150 Euros that I was willing to spend on it. It is offered by a German retailer as "WORK MF - Task Chair Task Stool Red".

Depending on where you are located you will surely find something similar in your area.

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