Building a Home Recording Studio – Keyboard, Mouse and Accessories

Regular or Custom Keyboard

For several of the popular DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software products you can get custom keyboards where the keys are marked corresponding to their mapping to software functions. On the left, you can see one for Presonus' Studio One.

I was thinking about getting one of those at first but then decided to start with a regular keyboard. A custom keyboard is more expensive and I felt it would only serve me efficiently once I am an advanced user of the software.

I will keep this in mind though and maybe get one of those at a later point.

My Pick

My favorite keyboard and mouse is the illuminated KB K740 and the the wireless MX Master 2S by Logitech. I use them at other workstations as well and I am very comfortable with them. There was no reason to not get them here as well.


I wanted to mention lighting here. Especially during "night shifts" I prefer to have adjustable lighting (position, brightness) depending on where on the desk on what I am working.

I found this nice LED desk lamp by TaoTronics. It offers 6 brightness levels and 3 different colors of white. It can be turned and angled as you like and also offers a USB charging port - all for about 40 €.

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