Building a High-End Gaming PC – The Peripherals

The Monitor

Alienware 3418DW

The 34 inch full HD curved monitor 3418DW by Alienware is brilliant. With its 144 Hz refresh rate and 4 ms response time it is fast and fluent. It is super sharp with brilliant colors and also supports Nvidia G-Sync.

It was a real Wow-effect when I started using it. In May 2020 I was able to find it for about € 700.

The Keyboard

Alienware AW510K RGB

I wanted a mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting. There were a few options out but none really appealed to me design-wise. Since I was always happy with the Alienware products I use I went for the AW510K keyboard. It turned out better than I thought and I especially like the mechanics and how the typing feels on it.

Its price is about € 140.

The Mouse

Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse AW959

This mouse is awesome. It has a modular design so you can adjust it to your hand size and to the weight you prefer it to have. Another very useful option is that you can change its resolution with clicking a button on it. So when you switch from a high-res game to normal-res mode you can quickly adjust the speed of the cursor to your liking. The RGB lighting gives it a final touch.

You can get it for about € 100.

The Game Controller

Xbox Wireless Controller

There seems to be no doubt in the community that the Xbox controller is the best out there for Windows based gaming PCs. I trusted that opinion and can only confirm that it feels and handles great.

There are many flavors and designs to chose from. I liked the one depicted on the left which is called “Gears 5 Kait Diaz Limited Edition”.

I got it for about € 70.

The Shopping List

ItemProductPrice (May 2020)
MonitorAlienware 3418HW€ 700.00
KeyboardAlienware AW510K RGB€ 140.00
MouseAlienware Elite Gaming Mouse AW959€ 100.00
Game ControllerXbox Wireless Controller€ 70.00
€ 1010.00