Building a High-End Gaming PC – The Assembly

Finally, all parts arrived. All parts…?

After to weeks I finally had all parts together – well, all parts needed to get started.

It turned out that due to the Corona crisis, one part, the Corsair Commander Pro RGB and Fan controller is nowhere to get in Germany. Production in Asia has come to halt I guess and it will take a few weeks I assume until it can finally be delivered.

A friend will sponsor a basic fan controller splitter so that I can get at least my eight fans to produce some air. The fancy RGB lighting feature has to wait. Oh no!

What the heck! Let’s get started…

Preparing the Case

I bought three more RGB fans. One to replace the non-RGB fan in the back and two to install at the bottom for air intake.

Preparing the Motherboard

Installing the CPU and the SSDs is better done before mouting the motherboard in the case.

The AMD Ryzen 9 comes with a custom air fan off the shelf. I never saw Intel putting one into their packages. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why they fell behind these days. However, since I wil install a custom water cooler I won’t need tha fan.

I left the memory modules out, thinking they might be in the way when connecting the cables to the board once it is in the case.

Mounting the Motherboard

Ok, time to let the motherboard move into its new home…

Power Supply

The best thing about the power supply is the wrapping bag for the cable set. Those are the little things that make a brand unique. Love it.

The brand stickers are a bit funny. Where do they want me to put it? On top of the case so people know what power suplpy I have? 🙂

Water Cooler

The water cooler goes at the top of the case. The radiator is cooled by two more RGB fans.

Graphics Board

I was well aware that with a price of about € 1300 I was dealing with the most expensive part of the list. The weight of it made it obvious. I couldn’t help thinking of that scene in Jurassic Park 🙂 :

Anyway, it also is one of the most easy one to install.

Cable Management

At this point, the “dark side of the moon” (the cable section of the case) looks like a nightmare.

“Cable management”, meaning making it nice and neat, is a philosophy. You either have it or not. I do.

Time to think ahead now and bring some preliminary order into the chaos. It will be the final touch after making sure that the computer works ok but it requires some thought ahead while you are in this stage.

In my case it turned out that I had to dismount the AIO (All In One) cooler again because it blocked a cable channel that I wanted to use.

That’s It ?

Hold your horses. I am not done yet…