Handcrafted Accoustic Guitars

When I think of top quality handcrafted accoustic guitars, I think of great sound and beautiful design. I never considered the building process as such and how much expertise, love and detail must go into it. An Amazing Video Then, while killing time with browsing guitar stuff, I stumbled upon this video. It is an…

The Note “H”

Any of you musicians that have seen scores or lead sheets from some European countries may have stumbled upon the note “H” for what you are used to know as the tone “B”. So what is that all about?…

ChordPro Files

ChordPro files use a simple text syntax that applications can use to display a song’s text and chords in a nicely formatted way so you can easily play along with it. ChordPro files are easily created or downloaded and there are several apps available to use them….

Building a Home Recording Studio

I am a musician for a long time now, but I have only little experience in home recording. So far, I have used my home computer and beginner’s software to record music. I would like to share my experiences with you in building my first home recording studio for a budget of 5000 €….

Song Collections

Say and Sound

I finally finished to digitalize my own songs and recordings and put them on this site as song collections. That was quite some work but it was a great journey into the past and so many memories came back to me. I organized them in years. That made most sense to me. So, go ahead…