It Was You

It Was You

Music: George Lewe
Lyrics: George Lewe

Collection: Songs of 1986

Song Quote

I remember that this track developed around the refrain. It was the first part that was there and I loved the way the melody goes opposite to the base notes of the chords. That’s why I needed no voice harmonies. Voice and guitar play together perfectly here. I also like the clean picking style on my Strat.George Lewe

Recording Details

Year: 1986
Studio: Home
Engineer: George Lewe
Recording device: Akai GX-4000D


Instrument / DevicesModelArtists
Drums, RhythmSimple rhythm machine for live performancesGeorge Lewe
GuitarFender Stratocaster (custom build)George Lewe
Microphone, VoiceElectrovoice BK-1George Lewe


It was you who floored me in the first round.
It was you who put me to the ground.

It was you. You.

It was you who made my heart wide open.
It was you who made me feel I am ropen.

It was you. You.

It was you, and everything was clear.
It was you, standing in my rear.

It was you. You.

It was you who made me sing this song.
It is you to whom I will belong.

To you. You.


Copyright (Urheberrecht) 1986 by George Lewe

Copyright Statement

George Lewe


From album: Songs of 1986
Length: 00:29:30-12
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