Guitar Dance


Guitar Dance

Music Arrangement: George Lewe
Lyrics: n/a

Collection: Songs of 2019

Song Quote

So there I was, staring at the Studio One screen trying to make sense out of the million things on it. It was pretty clear to me that before playing my own stuff I need to find my way around the software. How do I add, remove, manipulate tracks, how do I arrange them, mix them and so on. “Guitar Dance” is the result of my first in depth do-it-yourself lesson with sounds and features on board of Studio One.George Lewe

Recording Details

Year: 2019
Studio: Home
Engineer: George Lewe
DAW: Studio One


Studio One


Instrument / DevicesModelArrangement
Instrument snippetsStudio One On-boardGeorge Lewe




Copyright (Urheberrecht) 2019 by George Lewe

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Guitar Dance
From album: Songs of 2019
Length: 00:00.00-12
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